Tardiness in PS 92: Causes, Impact and Solutions



Theresa D Wilson-Phillps




Have you ever attended an event and you were late? How did you feel walking in late?  I have had that experience of getting to an event late and to me it is not a good feeling especially if you missed out on something very important, at the commencement of the event.

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Tardiness in school is considered missing the beginning of your morning classes.  This is a real issue in our school community, and more so in our class.  We have been trying to offer incentives to students in order to solve this problem, but it does not seem to be effective.




Identify the causes, impact on students’ learning and solutions to tardiness in PS 92 M.

Over the next two (2) weeks, you will be working collaboratively in groups on an inquiry project  to identify the causes, impact and solutions to tardiness in PS 92 M.

From research and interviews, you will prepare a visual (PowerPoint)/ Poster and verbal presentation to raise public awareness and convey your findings to your peers and school community.

You will create a PowerPoint/poster presentation that will introduce the causes and impact to your audience and offer several solutions and your recommendation for the best solution. Your presentation must address the causes, impact on students’ learning and solutions. All sources used should be cited.

As a guide, you will use the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Tool which is a six (6) steps process to complete your project.

Read Aloud to introduce Tardiness





To complete this projec,t you will need to follow the six (6) steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Tool.


      Define the Problem

      Gather the evidence

      Identify the causes

      Evaluate an existing policy

      Develop solutions

      Select the best solution  


STEP 1: You will be placed in groups to complete the gathering of information for the PPA worksheets. Each member of the group will have a specific role. Your group roles are as follows:


               Manager or Facilitator: Manages the group by helping to ensure that the group stays on task, is focused, deadlines are met, and that there is room for everyone in the conversation.

               Recorder Keeps a record of those who were in the group, and the roles that they play in the group. The recorder also records critical points from the small group’s discussion along with findings or answers.

               Researcher: This student will lead the research by guiding the other members to the web pages. He/She will assign information from the resources and collect information that will be used to complete the PPA worksheet

               Spokesperson or Presenter: Presents the group’s ideas to the rest of the class. The Spokesperson should rely on the recorder’s notes to guide their report.

               Reflector or Strategy Analyst: Observes team dynamics and guides the consensus-building process (helps group members come to a common conclusion).


STEP 2:  Define the Problem
Identify and explain the problem that you are researching. Ensure that you can convey why this condition is undesirable.

 Worksheet #1 Define the Problem

The goal of your research is to find proof that this problem actually exists. You can use surveys, interviews, statistics, primary or secondary sources, etc. Consider the following questions:
- What is Tardiness?
- What does it look like?  -
- What percentage of students are affected by tardiness in PS92 schools

 Interviews: - You will formulate a series of questions on the topic of tardiness and interview 4-5 of your peers and/or teachers.

Guiding Prompts include:

School starts at 8:00 am at PS 92.  What time are you there most days?
How do you feel about coming to school late?
How often are you late for school each week?
Are there consequences for tardiness/lateness?


Worksheet #2 –Gather the Evidence


1.  Collect data from classroom teachers and attendance teacher on tardiness of students in PS 92.

Complete worksheet in groups-

What are the causes?

Complete worksheet #3  in groups.


1. What causes you to be late for school?


2. How does Tardiness impact learning?


Read the article and identify how tardiness impacts learning.

What policies can we create to fix the problem of tardiness at PS 92?
In groups brainstorm ways we can fix the problem of tardiness in PS 92.

worksheet #5

Magnifying glass and question mark


What is the best solution to correct the problem of tardiness in PS 92?

Complete worksheet #6  in groups.



Brainstorm in groups to identify the best solution to the problem of tardiness in PS 92.












While there are policies by the New York State Department of Education on absenteeism, there seem to be none on tardiness.  I think this needs to be taken into consideration as our students not only need to be present but also to be on time.

Late coming to school has been a problem for years.  Just getting them there is important, but on time is of equal importance.

According to Pellicer and Summers, “Tardiness is a problem – a serious one. It is a subtle thief which steals a most precious possession”





Speaking & Listening


3SL1: Participate and engage effectively in a range of collaborative discussions with diverse peers and adults, expressing ideas clearly, and building on those of others




3W6: Conduct research to answer questions, including self-generated questions, and to build knowledge