Air Pollution

Teacher: Ms. Kenia Williams





On June 7, 2023 New York City experienced an enormous amount of smoke. Everyone was wondering where the smoke was coming from. The smoke came from the Canadian wildfires. The smoke from the fire polluted the air and people had to wear face masks to protect themselves from inhaling the smoke.


Air pollution is one of the most significant environmental threats to New Yorkers, causing an estimated 6% of deaths per year. The report outlines that every year, levels of PM2.5 and O3 together cause more than 3,400 deaths and over 10,000 A&E visits for asthma. A 10% reduction in the amount of PM 2.5 alone would prevent more than 300 premature deaths. Young children and elderly people are hit particularly hard by health problems caused by air pollution, as are those in low-income neighborhoods where air pollution is typically highest.



Our task is to first educate students and families about the air pollution, and then work together to find strategies to prevent air pollution in New York City. You will be broken into small groups and you will work together to create a PowerPoint and presentation on this major problem and how we can prevent air pollution.


Students will be asked to create an oral presentation accompanied by a PowerPoint. They should have at least 8 slides, and the presentation should be at least 4 minutes long. The GoogleSlide Presentaion should include all 6 steps of the PPA. Students will complete the 6 PPA worksheets, and can use the additional resources below to complete this project.




The 6 Steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA)

1. Define the Problem

2. Gather the Evidence

3. Identify the Causes

4. Evaluate an Existing Policy

5. Develop Solutions

6. Select the Best Solution (Feasibility vs. Effectiveness)



1)  Students will be split into groups of 3 - 4.

2)  Students will then work together to complete all of the PPA worksheets below, the information from each worksheet should be transferred to a GoogleSlide Presentation.

3)  Define the problem.

4)  Gather the evidence.

5)  Identify the causes

6)  Evaluate an existing policy

7)  Develop solutions

8)  Select the best solution

9)  Once the students have created their PowerPoint, they will pick one student to do an Oral Presentation present their PowerPoint and solutions to the entire class in a 4-minute presentation.




        Current New York City Air Quality

        Air Pollution in NYC Causes, Effects, and Solutions

        The Impact of The Air Pollution on Health in New York City

        Air Pollution Control Strategies in New York City

        Air Quality Data for NYC




Students will be graded using the two rubrics below. One for the PowerPoint and one for the oral presentation.






Students have learned a lot about the steps it takes to eliminate air pollution in New York City. It is our hope that you will take the skills that you learned today and help effect change in our environment.




NGS: 3W7: Recall relevant information from experiences or gather information from multiple sources; take brief notes on sources and sort evidence into provided categories.

3SL4: Report on a topic or text, tell a story, or recount an experience with appropriate facts and relevant, descriptive details, speaking clearly at an understandable pace.


3SL5: Include digital media and/or visual displays in presentations to emphasize certain facts or details.