Failing, is it a Mindset?

Tracey Steele



The Problem: Do girls feel more math anxiety than boys.



Anxiety coupled with societal hang ups on learning math is difficult.

 The task of overcoming this dilemma is overwhelming at times . When dealing with students or even adults who claim to “not be good at math”, its like how do you get them to change their thinking. It’s this kind of thinking that hinders their ability to process and understand concepts.




Students will be grouped by 3 or 4 and must create a poster board and give a presentation.

Step 1-  Create and Take anxiety survey

Step 2-  Use data to show causes and effect

Step 3- identify ways to overcome the anxiety

Step 4- Make poster board for Presentations




In order to complete this task students will use the PPA steps to present their research/work. Students must complete each worksheet and turn in before moving forward.

  1. Define the problem

               Why do girls feel more anxiety than boys in NYC?

            Worksheet 1-

  1. Gather Evidence

                 Research using given Resources and Review Survey Data

                       Worksheet 2-

  1. Identify the cause

            What are some causes for anxiety in math?

            Worksheet 3-

  1. Evaluate and Existing Policy

            Worksheet 4-

  1. Develop Solutions

                        Worksheet 5-

  1. Select the best Solutions

                   Worksheet 6-









          Where do you see yourself in 10 years? Would you need math strategies and skills to be successful? If so, give yourself the opportunity to find out why your failing. How can you make gains and change your level of anxiety. You may find yourself thinking differently and noticing more positive results.



Standards/Math Practices:

1.  Make Sense of problems and persevere in solving them.

2.  Reason abstractly and Quantitatively

3.  Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.