Increased Rate of Depression Amongst Teenagers in the U.S.

Cherise Spriggs

Middle School 324



Introduction: According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “major depression is one of the most common mental disorders in the U.S.” For teenagers especially, depression has led to self-harm and suicide.



Task: For this WebQuest, you will work collaboratively in groups of 3, to research how to recognize adolescent depression and how to treat adolescent depression if you suffer from it or know someone who suffers from it.


You will create a Google slides presentation to share your research. The task will be due one week from today.



Process/Resources: In order to complete this task, you will use the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Steps.


The 6 steps of the PPA are:


1. Define the Problem - Identify and explain why depression is a problem amongst teenagers.

2. Gather the Evidence - Research data on teenagers suffering from depression in the United States.

3. Identify the Causes - Research 3-4 causes of teenage depression.

4. Evaluate an Existing Policy - Find policies that address teenage depression. Do these policies truly address this issue and provide opportunities for solutions?

5. Develop Solutions - Devise new policy alternatives to serve as solutions for the rise in teenage depression.

6. Select the Best Solution - As a group determine the best solution that you can honestly see supporting you and your peers.


Resources: The following websites will help you in your research.







The purpose of this activity is to help you gain a better understanding of how depression is affecting students your age and how you can best combat it before it is too late. Your teenage years may seem difficult, but they are also temporary and with help you can successfully navigate through them without feeling a need for self-harm or suicide.