No GYM at CS129M


Class: 3-219

Created by, Sahar Shabazz



Since our return from the pandemic gym access for students at CS129 has been restricted.  Therefore, we have not had access to the gymnasium. Many of you have complained about not having gym.  Many of you expressed that it’s not fair and that you have witnessed the middle school students that share the school building with us, using the gym.  We can all agree that not having Gym class is a problem.  Therefore, this may be a topic worth investigating.



You have been assigned to a group.  As public policy analyst your group will investigate existing policies relating to access to gym class in schools.  You will also study and research the impact of these policies on students in school.  In addition, your team will determine or suggest a policy that can solve this social problem in our school. You may collect qualitative and quantitative data to support your findings.  See group norms below.


Group Norms & Responsibilities


              Does all the writing for the group.

              Fills out worksheets for groups using input for each group member.

              Participates in cleaning up after project related activities


              Ensures that all of the group discussions are related to the task/project  assigned.

              Keeps track of the time and determines how much time to spend on each activity.

              Participates in cleaning up after project related activities

Material Monitor

              Keep track of all supplies being used & ensure appropriate use.

              Collects & returns all materials/ supplies used in group.

              Organizes how the clean-up will take place & makes sure all hands are on deck with cleanup.


              Presents the project or presentation to the class

              Discusses any issues or questions the group has with the teacher.

              Participates in cleaning up after project related activities




In your groups you will research the reasons for the gym issues at our school.  Through your research you will collect qualitative (interviews) and quantitative (numbers, graphs, statistics) data to analyze and determine the factors leading to these issues.  Together you will determine ways to solve the problem and identify the best solution using the steps of the PPA.  You will present the completion of your project as a team in the format of PowerPoint, google slides, poster, or web quest.

Steps to completing the process:

1.     Complete a (PPA) Public Policy Analysis (Use sheets attached to links).

2.    Create a PowerPoint, google slides, poster or web quest and include all aspects of your research and your findings, as well as determine the best solution to the problem.

3.     Your presentation should be from 5-8 minutes.

4.   Use the rubrics attached to ensure your presentation aligns.  Evaluate your own presentation with your team members, use evidence from your work or presentation.  Be prepared to justify your reasoning and performance level you assign.


Review of 6 Steps of Public Policy Analysis (PPA) Process

1.Define the problem: The students at John H. Finley Campus school have not been receiving gym class.

2. Gather Evidence: Students are complaining about not having gym.  Students have witnessed middle schoolers. Students want to know why they are not receiving gym while middle schoolers are.

3. Identify Causes: Why are 129 students unable to go to the gym? Why are middle school students from the other school allowed to go to the gym? Is gym class a requirement for all students? Are the requirements for gym the same or different for Elementary and Middle school?

4. Evaluate an existing policy: Tell what policies exist in our school, and discuss the city’s policy or policies relating to receiving gym.  Discuss the policies, and its impact on students and schools

5.Possible Solutions: How can we as a school community ensure that everyone has access to the gym? What are other alternatives to gym class? Based on our school community, what is the best solution to this problem?

6.Best Solution:  Using what you already know, and what you have learned from your research and this process, determine the best solution to the restricted gym problem and support it with evidence.


Steps of the PPA - Worksheets

1) Define the problem:

2) Gather Evidence:

3) Identify Causes:

4) Evaluate an existing policy:

5) Possible Solutions:

6) Best Solution:



Qualitative research can be from interviews conducted with students, teachers and administrators.  See links to articles & videos below:,or%20a%20combination%20of%20both).,in%20a%20physical%20education%20program.

* Conduct student interviews using the questions you created.  Record all student, teacher, or staff responses.




Listens to Other Presentations

Listen intently. Does not make distracting noises or movements.

Listens intently but has one distracting noise or movement.

Sometimes does not appear to be listening but is not distracting.

Sometimes does not appear to be listening and has distracting noises or movements.

Speaks Clearly

Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, and mispronounces no words.

Speaks clearly and distinctly all (100-95%) the time, but mispronounces one word.

Speaks clearly and distinctly most ( 94-85%) of the time. Mispronounces more than one word.

Often mumbles or can not be understood and/or mispronounces several words and/or not enough material was presented to accurately give a grade.


Uses vocabulary appropriate for the audience. Extends audience vocabulary by defining words that might be new to most of the audience.

Uses vocabulary appropriate for the audience. Includes 1-2 words that might be new to most of the audience, but does not define them.

Uses vocabulary appropriate for the audience. Does not include any vocabulary that might be new to the audience.

Uses several (5 or more) words or phrases that are not understood by the audience and/or not enough material was presented to accurately give a grade.



You have now reached the end of the WebQuest. You & your team should have a great understanding of the causes for the gym issues at CS129. You should have worked together in your assigned role to determine the best solution to this problem. You are now ready to present your findings to the class.  With your hard work we should be able to solve the gym problems at our school.


STANDARDS for Grade 3


•Develop and answer questions to locate relevant and specific details in a text to support an answer or inference. (RI&RL)


•Determine a theme or central idea and explain how it is supported by key details; summarize portions of a text. (RI&RL)


Determine the meaning of words, phrases, figurative language, and academic and content-specific words. (RI&RL)


•Use text features and search tools (e.g., key words, sidebars, hyperlinks) to locate information relevant to a given topic efficiently.


•Distinguish their own point of view from that of the author of a text


•Compare and contrast the most important points and key details presented in two texts on the same topic.

•Write informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and communicate ideas and information clearly.


Conduct research to answer questions, including self-generated questions, and to build knowledge.


Introduce a topic and organize related information together.


Develop a topic with facts, definitions, and details; include illustrations when useful for aiding comprehension.