*WebQuest # 2 - Bullying of Children and Teenagers


Ms. Riviere






Bullying of Children and Teenagers



The U.S., specifically focusing on New York City, Chicago and San Diego


Social Problem

Bullying negatively affects children and teens


Introduction First international day against violence, bullying and cyberbullying -  Vatican News


Imagine that you are walking to school and all of a sudden 2 teens approach you and start making fun of your hairstyle and your shoes. How would you feel?

It seems as if each week American news programs report on a child being bullied.  Many of these cases have been extreme and some bullied victims have even died as a result of the harassment.  Like most situations, bullying impacts those targeted in many different ways. Families, students, schools and local governments have to develop more effective strategies to reduce/end this crisis.


Task Not every school's anti-bullying program works – some may actually make  bullying worse

How to Deal With Bullies: A Guide for Parents | Parents


Imagine that you are 9th Grade High School students interested in entering a Bullying Awareness competition- which could lead to a paid summer internship!!!  Three winning student groups will spend 4 weeks (Summer of 2021) as Summer Interns for the New York City’s Department of Youth & Community Development. During the internship, your group will investigate the causes and effects of Bullying and how to prevent it from happening.


Your project has to be extremely creative, have solid resources and provide a clear, coherent message highlighting the social problem to bring awareness to the issue.     Don’t forget, there are many other schools submitting projects, so yours MUST go above and beyond!


As responsible world citizens and students, you have the opportunity to research the important social problem of Bullying.


Your group will create and present a Google Slides Presentation that includes the PPA Process to explore the main causes, effects, policies and solutions to end this problem.

Bullying: A big problem with big consequences | UMN ExtensionWhat Bullying Is and Is Not



Let's Talk about Bullying, not Bullies - InfoAboutKids


The class will be divided into 3 groups: 1 focusing on New York City, NY;

1 focusing on Chicago, Illinois and 1 focusing on San Diego, California.


-Each team will have 6 class members with different roles.


-Every research group will have to create & present a Google Slides Presentation examining the social problem of Bullying of Teens and Children in 1 specific city.


-Each presentation will include the Six Steps of the Public Policy Analyst Model and will have relevant images, graphs, charts, quotes, etc.


-Remember to review the Rubric and the Sample PPA Presentation that I modeled in class, so that you can familiarize yourselves with the project requirements.


-Each group should read/view & summarize relevant information from 2-3 of the online articles, videos and other materials under the “Resources For All Groups” section.


-You should also use 2-3 sources related to the specific city your group investigates.


Group Roles

*Team Captain/Editor:

-This student will discuss design, graphics, and layout ideas with the other team members and will oversee the designing of the final presentation.

-Leader responsible for keeping the team organized, pacing & encouraging members.

-The Captain contacts the teacher only after all group members can’t solve an issue.


*Researcher 1: responsible for researching & completing Step # 1

*Researcher 2: responsible for researching & completing Step # 2

*Researcher 3: responsible for researching & completing Step # 3

*Researcher 4: responsible for researching & completing Step # 4

*Solutions Researcher: responsible for researching & completing Steps #5 and #6


Six Steps of the Public Policy Analyst Model (PPA)


1- Define the Problem: Background Information of the Problem

2- Gather the Evidence

3- Identify the Causes and Effects

4- Evaluate an Existing Policy: Advantages and Disadvantages of this Policy

5- Develop Solutions: Create 2-3 New, Original Alternative Policies

6- Select the Best Solution: Feasibility vs. Effectiveness Graph


Extra Credit Option

-After the Google Slides is completed, group members can create 1-2 of the following products related to Bullying. The artwork must be original, creative & will be presented.

*Poster    *Poem     *Skit     *Rap (Song)   *PSA-Public Service Announcement

****NOTE: View the Rubric for the Option You Select.


Resources for all groups

Bullying: A big problem with big consequences | UMN Extension

Teachers also suffer from bullying! — Observatory of Educational Innovation


Article- “Standing Up for Others”, by School Connect Social-Emotional Learning



5/5/21-Wisconsin ABC 12-Article-“Dad says son killed himself after being bullied nonstop” https://www.wisn.com/article/parent-says-son-killed-himself-after-being-bullied-nonstop/36346031


4/27/21-Colorado’s KRDO News-Article & Video-“Lewis Palmer HS teen wins multiple Girl Scouts honors for anti-bullying campaign”



Video-Back on Track, produced by U.S. Government’s Stop Bullying Agency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oibdOb--AWs&t=60s


Video-What to do about Bullying? SEL Sketches



Video-How to Stop Bullying! Examples and Best Solutions (For Students)



Video-Together against school bullying-produced by UNESCO



Video- Be an Upstander - Prevent Bullying



Video-This Boy Was Getting Bullied by Girls. How These Strangers React Will Shock You



Video-This Girl Was Getting Bullied by Boys. How These Strangers React Will Shock You



9/26/2015-ABC News-”Viral Video Shows California Teen Standing Up For Visually Impaired Boy”  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BIO1IG0Mnvo&t=88s


Resources for Group

focusing on New York City



NYC Department of Education- Respect for All: Fostering Anti-Bullying Practices



Website of New York State-Cyberbullying Facts and Prevention Resources


5/8/21-Daily News- Article- “Reeling Brooklyn family waiting for answers in bullying death of 12-year-old boy, with two probes expected into tragedy”



2/18/21-NBC News- Article- “Amid attacks, school principals concerned over Asian Americans' return to class”



7/1/19-Wall Street Journal- Article- “NYC Struggles to End Bullying in Schools”



5/9/19-New York Post- Article -“Bullying in NYC schools hit unprecedented levels last year” https://nypost.com/2019/05/09/bullying-in-nyc-schools-hit-unprecedented-levels-last-year/


Resources for Group

focusing on Chicago



Official Website of the City of Chicago-”Public Health-Bullying Prevention”



5/28/21-Chalkbeat Chicago- Article- “Chicago schools will train students and staff to identify and report racism and bias incidents”



5/28/21-Journal & Topics-Article- “Des Plaines Mom Organizes Anti-Bullying Protest; Supt. Responds” https://www.journal-topics.com/articles/des-plaines-mom-organizes-anti-bullying-protest/


5/18/21-NBC Chicago- Article & Video- “Bullying Incident Lands Suburban 7th Grader In Hospital, Parents Say”



4/14/21-New York Post- Article “Cops probe students who forced black teammate to sit near banana peels”



1/14/21-CBS 2 Chicago-Article & Video- “Harassed By Cyberbullies During Remote Learning, CPS Mom Fears What Her Son Will Face When He’s Back At School”



Resources for Group

focusing on San Diego






San Diego County of Education Website-”Bullying Prevention and Intervention”



City of San Diego-”Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force-Cyberbullying”



3/26/21-NBC News-Article-”Boys Accused in Diego Stolz's Bullying Death Ordered to Do Community Service”



5/15/20-WebPurify Website-Article-”15 Ways Parents Can Help Prevent Cyberbullying”



8/1/18-KPBS San Diego-Article-”Activists Claim Bullying Against Muslim Middle School Student In El Cajon”



11/30/17-Fox 5 San Diego-Article-”10-year-old commits suicide after alleged bullying incident caught on camera”






Rubric for Google Slides Presentation



Rubric for Poster Project



Rubric for Group Skit



Rubric for Poem



Rubric for Public Service Announcement (PSA)



Rubric for Song



Rubric for Rap Song




ADHS - Bullying Prevention - Bullying Resources



Write routinely over extended time frames (time for research, reflection, and revision) and shorter time frames (a single sitting or a day or two) for a range of discipline-specific tasks, purposes, and audiences.



Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; provide an accurate summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge or opinions.



Identify key steps in a text's description of a process related to history/social studies (e.g., how a bill becomes law, how interest rates are raised or lowered).



Integrate visual information (e.g., in charts, graphs, photographs, videos, or maps) with other information in print and digital texts.


Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.




In conclusion, by using the Six Steps of the Public Policy Analyst Model (PPA), each group will investigate the troubling social problem of Bullying.


Your group’s Google Slides Presentation will include several components such as background information about Bullying, the main causes and effects of Bullying and researching existing policies. You will finalize your project by proposing your own solutions to the problem.


Historians, after you complete this group project, you will become experts in using the PPA-Steps while exploring such an alarming social issue!  Most importantly, through this investigation, you will develop stronger skills including collaboration, empathy and social awareness.