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One of the basic functions of families is to develop and promote the well-being of children. However, Family instability influences children and adolescents’ functioning, as do household income and parents’ relationship status. Instability is associated with social maladjustment, including behaviors such as aggression toward peers, teachers and parents. This is a problem associated with many students in New York Public schools and ours is not exceptional. Principal Davila has been aware of the problem in our school and wants our class to help to find a solution to this Problem. “Family instability" is associated with a young child's negative academic performance, such as his or her poor school performance and behavior problems in the school environment. Also, the negative impact on the school performance is stronger for children with parents whose relationship is unstableFamily instability is also implicated in children’s schooling and cognitive achievement.




For this assignment you will work collaboratively with your peers to make a presentation at the “Meet and Greet of parents” so that you can raise awareness within your school community on the impact parent instability has on the learning environment and behavior of students. You will create a PowerPoint presentation that will introduce the problem to your audience and state some of the causes, how it impacts your subjects and what are some of the best solutions.  Your presentation must include graphics, presentation of your research, and offer solutions.  The presentation must include at least 10 slides, with an additional slide citing all of the sources used. Present a written paper to the teacher for grading based on your presentation.

 PS. ***Your group will use the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Tool as an outline for your products***


Below are the six steps that can help you to complete the assignment.

 1. What's The Problem?

 2. Where's The Evidence?

3. What Are The Causes?

 4. What's The Existing Policy?

 5. What Policies Can You Create To Help The Problem?

 6. What is the best Policy To Correct The Problem?


   1. Identify The Existing Problem

   2. Gather Evidence

   3. Identify The Cause Of The Problem

   4. Evaluate Existing Policies

   5. Develop Solutions

   6. Select Best Solution   




Presentation Guide

To complete this Presentation/project you will need to follow the six (6) steps of the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Tool.  You will work collaboratively to conduct research on the topic of Family Instability, its causes, impact and potential solutions. You will prepare a visual and verbal presentation to raise public awareness among your school community and parents. Review the video and use it as a part of your presentation.


Grade 5/229 has been selected to do a research and visual presentation to raise awareness among the school community about the family instability, the cause, impact and solution.

STEP 1: 

You will be placed in groups to complete the gathering of information for the PPA worksheets.  Each member of the group will have a specific role.  Your group roles are as follows




*LeaderThis student will organize the group.  He/She will ensure that deadlines are met, keeping everyone on task.  This student will help and support all the group members and to ensure everyone does their best..


*Researcher/ Speaker - This student will lead the research by guiding the other members to the web pages.  He/She will collect and present information that will be used to complete the PPA worksheets.

*The Speaker:- The speaker develops and presents his/ her message to a group of individuals, which involves the ability to understand and be understood.

Time Keeper - This student encourages the group to stay on task and keep track of how much time the group has to work or do his or her presentation.

*The recorder:- This student helps in generating and developing their ideas and does all the writing in the group..  He/She will keep the others abreast of the aim of the assignment, and will ensure that all the work is “innovative.

 *The Material manager- This student is in charge of getting and returning all materials. He or she will cover all the aspects of layout, design, and photography.  He/ She will discuss design and layout ideas with the other group members and will oversee the designing of the google slides presentation.

*All group members are required to contribute to the completion of the worksheets AND completion and presentation of the slides.**


Sample Resources/GuideTowards Gathering Information For The Project

Instability and Family Complexity In American Families - Dr. Kathryn Edin

     Family Instability in the Lives of American Children

     Instability and Family Complexity In American Families

     Family Instability and child well-being;


STEP 2:  Along with the information from your research, follow the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) 6 Step Process.  Complete the worksheets and allow them to guide you with your slide presentation project.

1.  Define the Problem:  Identify and explain the problem that you are researching.  Ensure that you can convey why this condition is undesirable.

a. Example

B. Worksheet #1 

2.  Gather Evidence: The goal of your research is to find proof that this problem actually exists.  You can use statistics, primary or secondary sources, articles from newspapers or magazines, blogs, podcasts, do background reading etc…

  1. Example
  2. Worksheet #2

3.   Identify the causes:- If policy makers can identify the causes that contribute to the social problem, then they can develop public policies to eliminate these causes or factors. Consider the following questions:  -What is Cause, impact and solution to address Family Instability?  

  1. Example
  2. Worksheet #3

4. Evaluating Existing Public Policy-evaluating an existing policy or product can lead to improvements. For example, urban schools had very lax security policies, but now that has changed because of the main school shootings. If you examine the existing policy and it does not work, then you have to make changes to it.

  1. Example
  2. Worksheet # 4

5. Developed Solutions- Select Preferred Policy: This means find another way or alternative. Ask yourself how realistic the proposed solution is?  How likely would it be to lessen the problem? Are there any obstacles that can prevent it from working? Is there anything that can be done to overcome those obstacles?

  1. Example
  2. Worksheet # 5

6.  Select Preferred Policy:  Ask yourself how realistic the proposed solution is?  How likely would it be to lessen the problem? Are there any obstacles that can prevent it from working? Is there anything that can be done to overcome those obstacles?

  1. Example
  2. Worksheet #6 (Selecting the Best Policy)







You have completed your Web Quest study on “Family Instability.”  Not only have you completed your task but you were able to successfully complete your oral presentation. You have raised awareness of this problem in your school community and have also presented possible solutions to prevent and improve the awareness of the cause, impact and solution to the problem. In the process, you have simultaneously learned, implemented and presented the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Tool to evaluate the necessary assignments that are present to you in order to become a public policy creator, consultant, or lobbyist.




New York State Standards

New York Standards English Language Arts Standards: Speaking & Listening

Grade 5

 NG. NY .ELA. Literacy SL5.1 

NG. NY .ELA. Literacy SL5.3


 English LanguageArts Reading :Literature Grade 5 \

NG. NY. ELA.LiteracyRL5.2

 NG.NY. ELA.Literacy RL5.

 NG. NY. .ELA.Literacy RL 5.7