NYCDOE schools lack Mental Health resources

Class 801

Ms. R. Jones



With the many issues that have happened in our society since 2020, mental health issues have become a big issue in NYC Public Schools. Some of these issues include the Covid-19 pandemic, the rise in gun violence in the city, and many other violent stressful issues.

††††††††† Schools should take mental health issues more seriously since students spend most of their days in school buildings. There should be mental health awareness and education programs embedded in school curriculum. If students are empowered with knowledge of mental health strategies, then they will be able to get the help they need in case a crisis occurs in their life.

††††††††† Unfortunately, some schools are not equipped with the time, resources, or training necessary to give students with signs of mental health issues the unique attention they deserve. Also, mental health education is seldom part of the studentís curriculum, even though parents recognize the importance of the topic.

††††††††† There needs to be laws, funding and training resources in every NYC public school to provide students with the help needed to tackle mental health issues.






During this unit, we will take some time to focus on the real-world problem of the need for students to get good Mental Health help at NYC public schools. You will be divided into groups of three and you will be responsible for putting together a presentation that will give us ideas about how we can help students receive the help that they need.




In your group, you will work together and use the steps of the PPA in order to do your research for the project. Over the next few days in class, you will be using the PPA Process to create a presentation of your findings about improving mental health resources in NYC Public Schools. The steps of the PPA Process are the following:

1.†† Define the Problem

2.†† Gather Evidence

3.†† Identify the cause

4.†† Evaluate the Existing Policy

5.†† Develop a Solution

6.†† Select the Best Solution


Day One and Day Two: Define the Problem and Gather Evidence

After such events as the Covid 19 2020 pandemic, many students are in need of mental health resources in their NYC Public Schools. In your groups, you will research and show how serious this problem is in the school system. You will use the laptops in order to do this task. I will provide you with a few resources.


Once you have reviewed the two articles, fill out the worksheet defining the problem.

††††††† Worksheet 1: Defining the Problem

††††††† Worksheet 2: Gather the Evidence of the Problem

††††††† Worksheet 3: Identifying the Causes of the Problem


Day Three: Evaluate existing policy

Today you will look at policies that are in place for your problem and then you will evaluate them using the worksheet provided. I have provided you with some sites to get you started on this task.

Worksheet 4: Evaluating Existing Public Policies


Day Four: Develop Solutions

For this step, you will look back at the policies you evaluated in the day three assignment. Use the following worksheet to develop possible solutions for the problem.

Worksheet 5: Developing Public Policy Solutions


Day Five: Select the best Solution

††††††††† For this final step, you will use the worksheet to analyze and select the best solution that will solve the problem.

Worksheet 6: Select the Best Solution






Great Job 4

Good 3

Almost 2

Not evident 1

Group Work

Worked well in group

Worked well with some/all of the group

Worked with some group members

Did not engage with the group during the project.

Knowledge and content and research

Used multiple sources to research mental health problem

Used two sources to research mental health problem

Used one source to research mental health problem

Did not use any sources to research the mental health problem


Includes all steps of the PPA and highlights solutions to mental health problem

Includes some of the steps of the PPA and highlights some solutions to mental health

Includes less than three steps of the PPA and not many solutions for mental health problem

None of the steps of the PPA included and no presentation about mental health



Throughout this project, you have worked in groups to find a solution to the lack of mental health resources in NYC Public Schools. You have done research, looked at policies, and created a presentation. You have also come up with solutions that you feel would best benefit students in need of mental health resources in the Public School system.






RST1: Cite specific evidence to support analysis of scientific and technical texts, charts, graphs, diagrams, etc. Understand and follow a detailed set of directions.

RST2: Determine the central ideas or conclusions of a source; provide an accurate, objective summary of the source distinct from prior knowledge or opinions.

RST3: Describe how and why scientific ideas and reasoning are developed and modified over the course of a text, source, argument, etc. Craft and Structure RST4: Determine the meaning of symbols, key terms, and other content-specific words.

NGSS Science Standards


MS-LS2-5 Ecosystems: Interactions, Energy, and Dynamics

Evaluate competing design solutions for maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services.*

Performance Expectation


Grade:Middle School (6-8)