Dangers of Children Drinking Too Many Sugary Drinks

The John H. Finley Preparatory School - P. S./M. S. 129

Marta T. Colomer




Children love sugary soft-drinks. These include soda pop, cola, tonic, fruit punch, lemonades (and other ades), sweetened power drinks, as well as sports and energy drinks. According to the Harvard School of Health, these beverages are the single largest source of calories and added sugar in the United States diet. Having too many sugary soft-drinks regularly could make a child develop a series of health problems including tooth decay, obesity, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, bone problems and other diseases.



You will work in a small group to develop a PowerPoint presentation based on the research on the dangers of too many sugary soft-drinks in children, and will give recommendations on some more healthy alternatives for children to consume. Your PowerPoint presentation will be viewed in other school classrooms to instruct students about the dangers of too many sugary soft-drinks, and how they can benefit from your more healthy recommendations.


You will work in a group of 4. Your group will follow the Public Policy Analyst Steps to present your information.


Problem Research Assistant: Responsible for doing research on the effects of Too Many Sugary Soft-Drinks on Children.


Solutions Research Assistant: Responsible for doing research on healthier alternatives to consuming sugary soft-drinks.


Editing Assistant: Responsible for making sure that all spelling is correct, sentences make sense, and information is factual. You may include pictures, tables and charts that you may find in your research of the topic.


Production Assistant: Responsible for the PowerPoint to be visually pleasing. Will choose color schemes, art and style. Will also make sure that everything is in place the way the team agreed to it.


Public Policy Analyst Steps:

1.     Define the Problem - https://flippedtips.com/plegal/ppas/worksheet1.html

2.     Gather Evidence - https://flippedtips.com/plegal/ppas/worksheet2.html

3.     Evaluate a Policy - https://flippedtips.com/plegal/ppas/worksheet4.html

4.     Develop Solutions - https://flippedtips.com/plegal/ppas/worksheet5.html

5.     Select Best Solution - https://flippedtips.com/plegal/ppas/worksheet6.html



Internet Searches:

Save kids from sugar. http://www.savekidsfromsugar.co.uk/drinks/sugary-drinks-bad-kids/

Video: How much sugar is in your soda? Re-think your drink https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iP-haqmmXyY

Video: Kids learn about Soda and Sugar https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bkw4Dha9eLk



PowerPoint Rubric:



Learning Standards:

ELA and Social Studies Standards: RL.3.1, 4.1; RL.3.3, 4.3; RI.; W.3.1, 4.1; W.3.7. 4.7; SL.3.1, 4.1; SL.3.4, 4.4; L.3.1, 4.1