Students not eating breakfast


PS/MS 149



Have you ever been in class and your stomach starts gurgling? Is it ever difficult for you to focus because you canít stop thinking about how hungry you are? We are going to be doing a deep dive into students not eating a proper breakfast before school!



At the end of this WebQuest you will be able to:

1- Track approximately how many people students in New York City public schools come to school in the mornings without eating a proper breakfast.

2- Develop at least one solution to support students getting breakfast before school.

3- Create a presentation product of your choice (from the menu below) to publicize your findings and present to class. (2 teams per choice.)


Presentation Product Choice Menu

Create a Google Slides

Create a JamBoard

Create a Padlet

Write a Newspaper Article

Write a Journal Entry

Lyrics to a Song



Student Teams:

Teacher will create the student groups. Each group will be allowed to choose their Product menu.

Task Instructions:

1. Student Teams will research hunger and eating breakfast in New York City.

2. Student Teams will consist of the roles listed below.

3. Each student team will choose any 3 websites below to research this issue.

4. Student teams will complete a presentation from the Choice Menu above

5. Student teams will present their presentation (5-7 minutes) to the class.



Captain and Timer: This person will be in charge of making sure the final presentation has all of the pieces that it needs, and will make sure that the presentation is no more than 5 minutes long.

Reporter:† These two people will be presenting the presentation for the group. Their presentation will be graded using the rubric below.

Editor: These two people will be in charge of creating the written presentation that accompanies the presentation.

PPA Instructor: This person will ensure that the group makes sure the presentation has all of the parts of the PPA process. It will be their job to teach the rest of the group the PPA process.

Research Coordinator: This person will use the sources below to make sure the research for the group is done and from accurate sources.



Students will be graded using the two rubrics below. One for the PowerPoint/JamBoard/Padlet and one for the oral presentation.




Students have learned a lot about the steps it takes to combat hunger in our schools. We hope that you will take what you learned today and apply it to affect change in your building!




Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Steps: (Click on each link, then click on the worksheet links at the bottom and complete each worksheet.) Your team will develop at least one solution to support others to eat breakfast using the Public Policy Analyst (PPA) Steps:


Step #1: Defining the Social Problem:

Step #2: Gathering Evidence of the Problem

Step #3: Identifying the Causes of the Problem

Step #4: Evaluating Existing Public Policies

Step #5: Developing Public Policy Solutions

Step #6: Selecting the Best Public Policy Solution



By completing this WebQuest, you have mastered working with the public Policy Analyst (PPA) steps to solve issues such as supporting others to wear a mask in New York City during the COVID-19 pandemic.